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• 1/31/2017


I have now joined the Famfic discussion forums. I was apart of the Wookieepedia discussions thread when Famfic was first created.

I have noticed a lack of activity here, is this forum still in use?
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• 12/31/2016


We need to get active on our Wiki!
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• 9/28/2016

Something to think about as you all go forward

Not sure how you all plan to take this going forward, but you may be interested in this thread:

It explains a lot of the whys and hows of my methods in the other forums.

You'll also notice that I've branched out to a few other big wikias (apparently it's now called 'fandoms powered by wikia' lol). A few admins and mods from other communities have replied in it (and even more have read it)

If it helps, awesome. if it doesn't, throw cats at me!
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• 9/10/2016

please read

below this post
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• 9/10/2016


Chris wants cats!
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• 9/10/2016


Can you set up some categories so I can see how they function?
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• 9/9/2016

Let's Discuss Discussions

Welcome to Famfic discussions! I got some advice from Wikia on how to set this up and customise it.

Here it is:

"I've enabled Discussions for your community. You can see it here:

This is the web version that can also be accessed on smartphone browsers. We suggest that you add this link to Discussions to your wiki's top navigation to help users find it. You could even disable the forums via Special:WikiFeatures, to avoid confusing your users with two conversation areas at once.

Be sure to make a few posts to welcome users in Discussions! You can also customize it by uploading a community avatar and header image, and by adjusting the Discussions guidelines at

For more tips on setting up Discussions and on getting the conversations started, please see this guide: . You can also find general information on Discussions at .

We hope your community will have fun with this new feature!

Eva Niroomand
Community Support Manager"

So, what do you think?
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• 7/11/2016


there is a chatroom!
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