Capthram Ithano was a male Delphidian who was married to Eliva Ithano and was the father of Sidon Ithano.

Biography Edit

Life before the Subjugation Edit

Some years prior to the Subjugation of Delphidia, a fugitive Jedi Master named Griphian Avidon came to the planet Delphidia while on the run from the Galactic Empire, which was hunting down and destroying all the members of the Jedi Order. Capthram and his wife Eliva agreed to protect the Kyuzo, but did not reveal his identity to their son, Sidon.

The Subjugation of Delphidia Edit

In 8 BBY, the Empire arrived on Delphidia. The assault, led by Lieutenant Gage Vizzum of the Imperial Navy, was primarily to capture the native Delphidians for Imperial labor camps. Capthram had his wife evacuate their home city of Suothon, while he and many other Delphidian men stayed behind to protect it. Capthram did his part in fighting against the invasion by sniping stormtroopers from the top of his house with his blaster rifle.

Griph and Sidon soon arrived back in Suothon to assist Capthram, who promptly told his son to go meet up with his mother in the jungle. Griphian, on the other hand, revealed himself as a Jedi when he began using his old lightsaber and demonstrating Force powers. However, it was not long before Griph was shot down and captured. Capthram ran across the city plaza to help his friend, but was overwhelmed by Imperial troops and was also captured. Capthram and Griph met face-to-face with Imperial Lieutenant Gage Vizzum, who, after a brief discussion with the captives, gave the order for Capthram to be terminated. The Delphidian was gunned down with laserfire.

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