CrimsonCorsair is a Star Wars Wikia user, Jedi Amino member, and Famfic author, who lives in Houston, Texas, despite his distaste for the Houston Rockets.

CrimsonCorsair, or Crim as he is better known, was an active Star Wars Wikia member before being inspired to start writing fanfiction by his fellow Wikians' own works, especially that of user MatchstickShadow. His first novel was an origin story for his namesake, Sidon Ithano, titled "The Crimson Corsair" (later given the subtitle A Star Wars Story). This book is still being written, and is officially part of the Star Wars Famfic universe.

Crimson then moved to Jedi Amino for easier communication with his fellow Wikian authors, particularly Famfic pioneers Captain Britain04 and MatchstickShadow. He, along with these two users, worked together to set up a Famfic Wikia. The trio is currently in the process of building this Wikia.

Crimson was born on December 18 (coincidentally the same date as The Force Awakens' release) and has been a fan of Star Wars ever since watching The Phantom Menace at a young age. Outside of Star Wars, he is a fan of C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and their respective fantasy worlds. He also loves Marvel, Percy Jackson, Tintin, The Princess Bride, Pixar, Magnus Chase, and Adventures in Odyssey. Some of his favorite things to do include biking, listening to music, jogging, playing lacrosse, and writing. He also dabbles in poetry.

Also, he dislikes writing about himself in the third person.