DejoKhan is a Star Wars Wikia user, occasional Jedi Amino user, and Famfic author of Tales of the Jedi.

He started on his story soon after he completed his first run through Knights of the Old Republic, where he first came up with the name Dejo Khan. Then in December 2015, he discovered the wiki. There, he learned more than he ever knew about Star Wars, from both the wiki itself and its users. He was embraced by several users, including MatchstickShadow, CaptainBritain04, and CrimsonCorsair. Coincidentally, these three users, along with others, have created an interconnected system of fanfictions called Famfic or as he prefers to call it, the "Famficverse."

Outside of Star Wars, Dejo is a huge fan of Tron: Legacy, Indiana Jones, LEGO, Marvel, DC, Pokémon, the Maze Runner series, the Ender's Game series, and the Mortality Doctrine series. He can play guitar and piano, as well as some bass and drums.