Delphidia was a lush, tropical, rainforest world located in the Mid Rim, and was the homeworld of the Delphidian species. It was located in the Gatalenta System of the Delphidian Cluster.

Description Edit

The surface of Delphidia was covered in colorful rainforests and tranquil oceans. Geysers could be found all throughout the Delphidian rainforests. The mineral water that shot out from these geysers would react to the rainforest environment in a peculiar way: it crystallized into huge natural spires, reaching up to forty meters in the air. The geysers at the root of the crystals would continue to pump water through the formation, and upon reaching the pinnacle, the water would stream down the crevices along the side to the shallow pools below. The waterfalls produced were said to rival those found on Naboo.

The Delphidian cities were elegant and ancient, filled with cathedrals and colleseums. They were carved from white stone and built to last for millennia.

History Edit

Before their system was discovered by the Old Republic, the Delphidian species as a whole established a brawling confederation with other worlds such as Narq and Phorsa Gedd. It came to an end shortly after Delphidia joined the galactic community.

In 8 BBY, the Galactic Empire launched an assault on the world, in what is called the Subjugation of Delphidia. Sidon Ithano's home city of Suothon was the only known city-state to have been attacked.

Inhabitants Edit

Delphidia was the homeworld of the Delphidian species. However, many of the Delphidians had spread out to other planets in the Delphidian Cluster, including Gatalenta. As a result, the world's total population was very small compared to that of other species, with less than six billion members total. However, the Delphidians were renowned as great miners and gem-polishers, thanks to the skills they had picked up from living on a crystal planet.