Dett Dacca was a male Gotal floor manager at the Jaunty Joopa Casino.

Biography Edit

Earlier the day of the Jaunty Joopa Casino heist, Dett's boss, Brilyzian, had assigned floor manager Dett to bartender duty; the regular was absent that day. Dett disliked his new (albeit temporary) job, and evidently did a poor job making drinks.

During his shift, an individual wearing pirate garb entered the cantina, and, after asking Dett for information, put a knife to the Gotal's neck and demanded credits. Dett activated the bar's hidden scatterblaster, which promptly disposed with the intruder. However, the supposed pirate had simply been a diversion for the Delphidian Sidon Ithano to sneak into the cantina via the back window. Ithano knocked the Gotal to the ground with a strong punch.

Personality and traits Edit

Dett appeared to be easily excitable and high-wired. He expressed glee at the fact that his circumstances were "just like the holomovies."

Appearances Edit