Flair Reveth was a female Twi'lek pirate who served on board the freighter New Gilliland as engineer and gunner.

Biography Edit

Flair was born on Coruscant in 18 BBY. As of 2 ABY, she was a member of the Gillilanders, and served as the crew's engineer and gunner. She helped Sidon Ithano track down "Mad Vlad" Yærtle, who had stolen a backpack of credits from the Delphidian.

Personality and traits Edit

Flair was a free-spirited and optimistic person, and thus was anomalous among the ranks of pirates. She was spontaneous, often excited, and willing to show kindness to others.

Appearance Edit

Flair dressed for reasons practical rather than fashionable. She wore a black tank-top with a short, sleeveless flight jacket over it, as well as fingerless swoop-biking gloves. She typically kept a blaster pistol strapped to her leg. However, the most noticeable thing about her appearance was her damaged lekku. Her scraped-up left head-tail had a cybernetic tip on the end, in the place where flesh had once been.

Appearances Edit