"Occupational hazards include possibility of death, likelihood of death, and certain death. You still in?"
-Captain Scorza Tovez, speaking to Sidon Ithano
The Gillilanders, also known as the Gillilander Gang, was a group of pirates that operated from the planet Abafar. Their flagship was a cruiser called the New Gilliland, and as of 2 ABY, Scorza Tovez served as captain.

History Edit

Tylaros as captain Edit

Sometime prior to 2 ABY, the Weequay brothers Scorza and Sparjak Tovez, inspired by their uncle's tales of adventure as a member of the famous Ohnaka Gang, decided to become pirates. The captain of the Gillilanders at the time, a man called Tylaros, let them join his gang despite their lack of experience.

Several years later, Tylaros decided to retire. He chose Scorza Tovez as his heir, as he was the hardest-working member of the crew.

Scorza as captain Edit

One of Scorza's first actions as captain was making his brother, Sparjak, his first mate. However, not long after this, Sparjak decided to leave the Gillilanders in favor of becoming a mercenary. Scorza apparently took this event personally, and held anger against his brother because of it.

As of 2 ABY, the Gillilanders were based in an abandoned Separatist mining plant on Abafar.

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The New Gilliland is mentioned in the official Star Wars canon, though the name of the crew was invented by author CrimsonCorsair.

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