Griphian "Griph" Avidon was a Kyuzo Jedi Master who survived Order 66 and went into hiding on the planet Delphidia.

History Edit

The Clone Wars Edit

During the Clone Wars, Griphian fought for the Galactic Republic as a Jedi Master. At the end of the conflict, however, Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine initiated Order 66, a clone directive to kill all Jedi. The Republic's clone soldiers turned on their Jedi generals and eradicated the majority of the Jedi. although some, such as Kanan Jarrus and Obi-Wan Kenobi, survived the attack and went into hiding. Griphian was one of these survivors.

Under the Ithanos' protection Edit

At some point prior to the Subjugation of Delphidia, Griphian made his way to the planet Delphidia, where he went into hiding under the protection of the Ithano family in the city of Suothon. As Delphidia was not an Imperial-occupied world, Griphian, or "Griph" as he became known, was able to live a happy life for many years. During that time, he began teaching the Ithanos' son, Sidon, the art of swordplay. However, he did not reveal that he was a Jedi to the young boy.

In 8 BBY, the Empire launched the Subjugation of Delphidia. Imperial Lieutenant Gage Vizzum was in charge of the invasion, which was primarily to capture the native Delphidians to work as slaves at Imperial labor camps. Griph, who was in the middle of a fencing session with Sidon Ithano out in the Delphidian rainforests, saw an approaching Star Destroyer and was alerted to the Empire's presence on the planet. He and Sidon quickly returned to Suothon. They went the Ithano household and met up with Sidon's father, Capthram Ithano, who was helping defend the city. Sidon's mother, Eliva Ithano, had evacuated the city with several other refugees.

Griph revealed himself as a Jedi to both Sidon and the Empire when he used both his old lightsaber and Force abilities to combat the Imperials. The Jedi Master's presence at the battlefield temporarily turned the tide of the battle in the Delphidians' favor. However, Griph was eventually overwhelmed by the Imperial forces, and suffered a blaster shot in his side. Gage Vizzum and the stormtroopers under his command took him as a prisoner, and loaded him onto a transport with the captured Delphidian slaves.

The location as to which the Imperials brought the captives was unknown; however, Vizzum did mention that Darth Vader or one of his Inquisitors would be "very interested" in meeting Griph.

Behind the scenes Edit

Griph Avidon first appeared in CrimsonCorsair's novel "The Crimson Corsair." The author has stated that Griph, is, in fact, a descendant of Thesh Avidon, a Kyuzo vigilante appearing in "Betrayal" by MatchstickShadow.