Jand Bradak was a Jedi Knight during the Clone Wars who explored the planet of Boroti-Edo with Jelena Sa'vho and Locko Tar'ris



He was in a class with Jelena Sa'vho as a youngling. They were close friends, but after Jelena became a Padawan in 33 BBY, they didn't see each other again for 12 years.

Padawan and Early KnighthoodEdit

He saw little action until the Clone Wars, so he spent much of his time in the archives reading about the adventures of other Jedi.

First MissionEdit

In 21 BBY, he was tasked by Master Yoda to find and explore a planet on which there was an ancient Sith altar. He spent four says searching the archives to no avail, but on the fifth day, Master Sinube recommended that he might find the information in the ancient Memory Holocrons. He found the information he needed in the holocron of his ancestor, Hacedo Bradok. The holocron revealed that Hacedo had also been sent there, to investigate rumours of waters that could turn people to the dark side. On that same day, he met Jelena again, with her Padawan, Locko.

Jand chose Jelena and her Padawan, Locko Tar'ris, as well as the clone sergeants Bop, Fire, and Cat, along with their squads, to accompany him on his mission. Bop reported to Jand, Fire to Locko, and Cat to Jelena. As there was a Seperatist blockade on a nearby planet, they were worried that they might be attacked, so the Council decided that if they had not returned in 24 hours, they would send a rescue team.

Just as they were about to leave, Jand asked Jelena why she had avoided him and drawn no attention to herself for 12 years. At first she tried to say that she was too busy studying, and that she thought that drawing attention to herself was artogant, but Jand did not believe her. When he said that he had missed her she threw her lightsaber in his face and left, promising to explain later. Just before she left, Master Windu gave Jelena a bag, telling her not to open it until the Force told her to.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Jand was kind and intelligent, though he lusted for action and could be apathetic about things that he did not think were his responsibility. He was also knowledgeable as he spent a lot of time in the archives.

He had romantic feelings for Jelena, but as of 21 BBY, he had not acted on them, as Jelena had been avoiding him because of the Jedi's anti-relationship policies.

He was not particularly strong and had brown hair.


Jand's lightsaber was made of aluminium and lead. Its blade had an arctic blue hue.