Kara Damarn was the leader of the small section of the Bounty Hunters' Guild based on Clotis IV in 3978 BBY. She ordered a factory built as soon as she took over, and demanded that she be addressed as "Queen Kara." Fellow bounty hunter Da'bral had a crush on her, which she tried to exploit.


She usurped Toris Menari in 3978 BBY after she was offered a chance to be told first about any bounties placed by Mandalore the Ultimate. She sent him away and took the base for herself, advertising the deal she had in order to gain followers, so that she could take over the whole Guild.

When Ishti Bonden, Gonbor Nyron, and Da'bral arrived on Clotis IV and Nyron killed someone, she had Ishti and Nyron arrested, but tried to convince Da'bral to join her. However, he refused because she had betrayed Toris, who was a father figure to him.

The next day, she sentemced Ishti and Nyron to death, without a hunters' lodge. But Gan Sendi interupted before her orders could be followed. He called her out on breaking the rules, and offered to hire Ishti again, offering to not tell other Guildmembers that Kara had broken the rules if she told no-one that he was hiring them directly, rather than the Guild. He told Ishti to pick three others, and suggested that he didn't pick Nyron.

Personality and traitsEdit

She was very intelligent and manipulative, but often failed to recognise the bigger picture or the consequences of her action, and could be rash at times. When she took over the Clotis IV base, she had a habit of not paying much attention to the rules.

She was attractive to other species, which was unusual for a Duros. One reason for this was more human-like proportions.

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