Karlien Vox was the daughter of the famous bounty hunter Kanso Vox. When on her first mission, with Ishti Bonden, Gonbor Nyron, Da'bral and her brother Merich, she was killed along with her brother.


Karlien was combat trained by her father, and became a bounty hunter in 3978 BBY. In her first mission, with Ishti Bonden, Da'bral, Nyron, and her brother, which involved intercepting a transportation of stolen property, her brother flew into combat alone, after being told to stay baxk. Karlien rushed to help him but was he still died, she ran to his side and was also killed. Ishti blamed Nyron as he had been flattering Merixh's combat ability.

Personality and traitsEdit

Karlien was very practical and very honourable. She was also very proud and would be outraged if she thought her or her family's honour was being offended. She was intelligent, and stratigic, but was uncomfortable leading.

She had black hair, pale skin, and brown eyes, and was tall and lithe.

She was a master of camouflage, once appearing to be invisible in a cantina corner. She was alao athletic and acrobatic, and an expert swordsman, having been trained by her father. However, she was a bad shot, and didn't even cary a blaster.


Karlien wore red, spiked armour and grey/black highlights, along with a matching jetpack.