Kullervo Tinren was born on Tatooine, but was taken away by a Jedi Master named Isak Dretill at an early age due to his high Force-sensitivity. Dretill trained Tinren in the ways of the Jedi until the young Zabrak came to face his brother, Darth Cahdek, in an epic duel on Bespin. Tinren caused both of them to fall into carbonite, only being reawoken by Jedi Master Caspian Rillian over three and a half-thousand years later.

Tinren then went on a journey to stop his brother from gaining any more power, accompanied by his friends, Jedi Knights Ethan Harris and Jabeso, along with the vigilante Thesh Avidon.

Biography Edit

Kullervo was born in an unknown village on Tatooine on 3643 BBY to parents Nuri and Kel Tinren, but the young Zabrak was taken away by Jedi Master Isak Dretill, because he had a high Force-sensitivity. His parents gave him up because they believed Dretill would be able to protect their son from the Eternal Empire.

Tinren trained in secret for many years with Dretill, until he came across his evil brother, Darth Cahdek. The two Zabrak brothers had a duel on the planet of Bespin. Isak tried to help Tinren, but was killed in the process. Tinren, knowing both would go down or neither, grabbed Cahdek and jumped into a tank of carbonite, where they were encased of thousands of years.

In 988 BBY, Jedi Master Caspian Rillian discovered the Zabraks while on a mission on Bespin, accidentally releasing them. Cahdek could not fight off Rillian, for he was too weak from carbonite sickness, so he fled. Rillian then took Tinren under his wing, further training him in the Jedi way.

In 984 BBY, Tinren set off on a quest with his Jedi Knight friends Ethan Harris and Jabeso in the hopes of taking down Darth Cahdek before he gained more power.

Personality and traits Edit

Tinren is very quiet but also extremely loyal, especially to the Jedi. He's also passionate and kind. Even though he wields a blue lightsaber, he more often then not focuses on the Force more then combat. He discovers in the final battle against Darth Cahdek and Ethan that he is very talented at Force lightning, though never uses the Dark Side weapon again after killing Ethan.

Equipment Edit

Kullervo usually wore black or brown Jedi robes, and wielded a blue lightsaber, utilizing Form V (Ataru) in combat.

Behind the scenes Edit

Tinren's first name, Kullervo, was the name of the main character of The Story of Kullervo, a prose J.R.R. Tolkien wrote while he was in college.

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