Merich Vox was the son of the famous bounty hunter Kanso Vox. When on his first mission, with Ishti Bonden, Gonbor Nyron, Da'bral and his sister Karlien, he was killed along with his sister. Ishti blamed his death on Nyron.


Merich was combat trained by his father, and became a bounty hunter in 3978 BBY. In his first mission, with Ishti Bonden, Da'bral, Nyron, and his sister, which involved intercepting a transportation of stolen property, he flew into combat alone, after being told to stay baxk, and died. His sister rushed to his side and was also killed. Ishti blamed Nyron as he had been flattering Merich's combat skills.

Personality and traitsEdit

Merich was vain and arrogant, but honourable. He was very proud of his family.

He was tall, with brown hair which he spiked up.

He was strong and good at hand to hand combat, having been trained by his father.


Red armour with spikes and grey and black highlights and a matching jetpack.