The Meson Martinet, often referred to as the Martinet, was an XS stock light freighter that belonged to the Weequay ex-pirate Sparjak Tovez. It served as the main headquarters for The Howling Anoobas, a mercenary group he was a member of.

Description Edit

The freighter was silver-plated, and had been painted with yellow highlights. It bore The Howling Anoobas insignia on the side, as well as its name, "The Meson Martinet." Sidon Ithano didn't understand what the name meant.

History Edit

Tovez purchased the vessel at a junkyard on the planet Harloff Minor, with his profits from his days as a pirate. As of 2 ABY, it was the headquarters of The Howling Anoobas.

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