Scorza Tovez was a Weequay pirate who served as captain of the freighter New Gilliland during the Galactic Civil War. His crew, called the Gillilanders, was based on the planet Abafar.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Scorza was raised with his younger brother Sparjak on a farm on the planet Akiva. Their uncle, Goru, was a member of the famous Ohnaka Gang during the Clone Wars. The boys' father Icaarn did not desire to be a pirate like his brother, and thus chose to live a quiet farmer's life instead. His two sons, however, did not share that opinion. Both boys dreamed of becoming pirates when they grew up, and joined the Gillilanders, a pirate gang, as soon as they were of age.

Scorza and Sparjak served on the crew for several years. Scorza was the hardest working out of all the crew, so when their captain decided to retire, Scorza was chosen to replace him. Sparjak became his first mate.

However, it was not long before Sparjak decided to become a mercenary, as he believed the job would suit him better.

Life as captain Edit

In 2 ABY, Scorza continued to captain the Gillilanders.

Personality and traits Edit

Scorza was a gruff, dour man who had a bit of a temper.

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