Sparjak Tovez was a Weequay mercenary active during the Galactic Civil War. He was a member of the Howling Anoobas.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Sparjak was raised with his older brother Scorza on a farm on the planet Akiva. Their uncle, Goru, was a member of the famous Ohnaka Gang during the Clone Wars. The boys' father Icaarn did not desire to be a pirate like his brother, and thus chose to live a quiet farmer's life instead. His two sons, however, did not share that opinion. Both boys dreamed of becoming pirates when they grew up, and joined the Gillilanders, a pirate gang, as soon as they were of age.

Sparjak and Scorza served on the crew for several years. Scorza was the hardest working out of all the crew, so when their captain decided to retire, Scorza was chosen to replace him. Sparjak became his first mate.

However, it was not long before Sparjak decided to become a mercenary, as he believed the job would suit him better.

Mercenary Edit

In 2 ABY, Sparjak took a job for wannabe space pirate Sidon Ithano. The Delphidian needed another person to pull off a robbery of the Jaunty Joopa Casino, a sail barge located on Ponemah Terminal. Their heist was successful, and Sparjak and Sidon developed a mutual respect for each other, to the point where Sparjak suggested Sidon join his brother's crew. Sidon reluctantly agreed, and Sparjak brought his newfound friend to Scorza's base on Abafar.

Later that day, Sparjak had to leave because of a job on the planet Eriadu.

Personality and traits Edit

Sparjak was generally optimistic, a sharp contrast to his brother. His level-headedness often kept Scorza at bay.

Equipment Edit

Sparjak owned a modified XS stock light freighter, which he had acquired at a junkyard on Harloff Minor. The ship's name was the "Meson Martinet." He shared it with the rest of his mercenary group, who used the freighter as their headquarters.

Behind the scenes Edit

The name "Sparjak" is a play on the name "Jack Sparrow", the fictional pirate hero from the Pirates of the Caribbean films. Sparjak Tovez first appeared in CrimsonCorsair's novel, The Crimson Corsair: A Star Wars Story.

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