Welcome to the Star Wars Famfic WikiaEdit

Welcome to the wiki for Star Wars Famfic! Can't be bothered to read one of the stories? Forget a detail you can't find? This is the place to look. In addition, this wiki also contains information not shown in the novels. The Famfic Wiki is meant to be used alongside Wookieepedia, which is why you won't find pages for pre-established Star Wars events, locations, characters, and the like, unless they differ or feature prominently in Famfic.

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What is Famfic?Edit

Star Wars Famfic - as the name suggests - is a family of interconnected fan fictions within the Star Wars universe. It uses the Legends continuity for the Old Republic and the New Canon continuity from The Phantom Menace onwards. For lore on species, technology etc., we use Legends as a basis, except where it contradicts canon.

It was started by members of the Star Wars Wikia, and is growing all the time. The purpose of this wiki is to keep track of the continuity and inform others of what it's about. 

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Latest activityEdit

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The planet Shili

XS Stock Light Freighter

The Meson Martinet


"Betrayal" by MatchstickShadow