The Crimson Corsair: A Star Wars Story, usually referred to simply as The Crimson Corsair, is a Famfic novel currently being written by Wikia user CrimsonCorsair, which centers around the fictional pirate Sidon Ithano. The book serves an origin story for the character, who first appeared in the 2015 film Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Author CrimsonCorsair describes his story as "a combination of Deadpool, The Princess Bride, and Pirates of the Caribbean, set in the Star Wars galaxy." He was inspired to write the novel by his fellow Wikia users' own works. It can be found on Wattpad.

Official book description Edit

Ever since the fatal night the Galactic Empire invaded his homeworld, Sidon Ithano has had no trust in the law. Forever haunted by his tragic past, he spends his days as an outlaw in the Outer Rim, hunting the man responsible for it all. However, it's not long before Sidon meets a fellow criminal who offers him the chance to be more than a small-time crook: he's given the chance to join a pirate gang. Sidon agrees to the man's offer-- and that's when the story of the Crimson Corsair begins.
Filled with action, adventure, and witty humor (but thankfully devoid of awful romances), this space-fantasy pirate's tale is unlike anything you've seen in Star Wars.