Thesh Avidon was a male Kyuzo vigilante who dedicated his life to righting wrongs across the galaxy.

Biography Edit

Thesh was born into slavery on Phatrong in the year 1019 BBY. He watched his parents and seven-year-old sister be beaten to death. After the Republic freed Phatrong from slavery, Thesh devoted his life to punishing crime and wrongdoings, eventually coming across Kullervo Tinren, Ethan Harris, and Jabeso in their quest to stop Darth Cahdek from gaining more power.

Thesh was most commonly found on Coruscant, with his droid, I77-E. He also seemed to have a bad history with Gonbor Nyron.

Legacy Edit

Thousands of years after Thesh's death, his Force-sensitive ancestor Griphian Avidon would similarly fight for justice in the Clone Wars as a Jedi Master.

Behind the scenes Edit

CrimsonCorsair, who first came up with the character and name of Thesh Avidon, has described the character as a "Star Wars Batman."